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Non-surgical single equipment therapies work by using targeted energy to heat deeper layers of skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production and gradually improves skin tone and texture.

Some treatments also affect fibrous tissue to help smooth cellulite, help to restore a more youthful, beautiful complexion by removing the most damaged outer layers of skin to reveal the healthier-looking skin beneath and encouraging new, healthy skin cell growth and release the fat inside to be metabolized by the body and reducing the size of a fat deposits.



The Thermolipolysis is a therapy that involves the application of local heat (natural agent used since ancient times for its effectiveness), for therapeutic purposes based on the degradation of fat that is stored in adipocytes.  Its principle is to increase body temperature above 40 Celsius degrees using special equipment. The rise in temperature accelerates the oxidation and catabolism of fat stored within the fat cells, which release its content to be disposed by natural ways



Vacuum therapy is a therapeutic technique that provides the best results in the treatment of cellulite. It is based on two proven recognized techniques: Deep massage and Negative pressure. This modern version of the ancient Chinese art of "Cupping" provides a deep tissue massage, lifts the cellulite tissue moving the swelling and accumulated fluids generating local heat on the muscle fibers, thus encouraging blood flow and vessel dilation, and improving local lymphatic drainage. In addition, it directly stimulates the fibroblast causing an increment in the production of collagen, and elastin improving tightening and texture of the treated area. Vacuum therapy is used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach and the tops of arms.



The Ultracavitation is a pain free Non-invasive and Non-surgical technique that offers highly satisfactory results in inches loss and cellulite reduction. It is known as the “Alternative Lipo” or “Liposculpture without Liposuction”. It does not require down time after sessions. Before and after the treatment, the intake of enough water is recommended to assure hydration and moisture of the treated tissue. A healthy life style and diet will ensure the new body shape is maintained. This is a treatment for healthy people, who want to improve the appearance of their body without having surgery; very appropriate to treat abdomen, hips, saddle bags, inner and outer thighs, knees, arms, and love handles.

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This method uses sound waves to induce vasodilation, improving the metabolism and lymphatic drainage in the treated area, causing restoration of the circulation on the tissues affected by cellulite and inflammation. The improvement of the lymphatic drainage has a very important anti-edema effect expanding the permeability of the skin; therefore offers a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It is a very useful treatment that can be used as a complement to other cosmetic treatments especially in post-surgical (Lipo) treatments.



Pressotherapy is a revolutionary, painless, non-invasive detoxifying treatment that promotes the body’s natural functions. Widely used in vascular treatment for the drainage of the limbs, this exclusive detoxifying treatment, through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.



LED light therapy is fast becoming one of the most acclaimed and documented treatments for aging, healing wounds, and improving skin diseases. This non-invasive photo-therapy procedure, works by using the properties of panels that deliver certain wavelength of low-level light pulses up to three times brighter than the sun, activating the skin cells, and inducing changes to treat particular conditions.

The frequency and duration of the LEDs are the keys to a safe and effective treatment that gradually helps alleviate the signs of aging, and improves the healing process of the skin cells. There is no heat energy or tissue damage induced by LED phototherapy; it is safe and effective for all skin types, has no known side effects, downtime or pain, and requires no after care.



This is a safe, painless, and completely Non-Invasive Laser-assisted treatment for local fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring. The treatment is based on the laser photo-chemical and photo biological effects on fat tissue. When the laser radiates the fat cells, its contents liquefy and move out of the cell membrane for easily being removed from the body by natural ways. Lipolaser can be used on arms, upper back, mid back, abdomen, waistline, love handles, hips, buttocks, inner, front, back and outer thighs, chin and calves.



Also called Electrotherapy, it is an excellent method that uses electrical muscle stimulation (isometric contractions) to restructure, tighten, and give elasticity to the muscles. The reason for its effectiveness lies on working simultaneously at the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, following a process of action ranging from the more internal to the more external tissues of the body. It works g on the muscle, inducing a special form of isometric workout that increases metabolism, boosts the consumption of energy, burns calories and corrects and enlarges muscle tone. This excellent therapy can be applied in multiple areas at the same time such as buttocks, hips, abdomen, back, legs and arms.

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