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Most people want to lose weight to look good. But it is important to know that overweight and obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, nor something just related to beauty. Obesity carries many complications to the person that suffers from it, which may not have manifested yet, but it would soon. Therefore, it is important to lose weight to prevent these risks – for example: Diabetes, varicosities, circulatory problems, infarctions, hormonal problems, etc. When you are obese, the other organs of your body could get affected. Also, this could cause psychological and emotional problems.

The primary focus of BBS Weight Loss Program is the safety of our patients. Our program will assist you in losing the maximum amount of weight by utilizing a safe and healthy approach. Before beginning, we will make the appropriate recommendations for your individualized program. We will do so through a consultation and careful examination.

Our medically comprehensive and effective Weight Loss Program is designed to help you lose weight while educating you on how to keep it off. You will be guided through a monitored step-by-step program, which has been custom tailored for you and will allow you to lose weight safely and successfully.

Healthy Woman


Our Medical Weight Loss Program incorporates the most recent cutting-edge techniques in weight loss, as well as the use of the most effective tools to help maximize energy throughout your entire weight loss journey.

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